Property Management

Have incredibly high standards?
Good. We do, too.

Our commercial property management team offers best-in-class management services that maximize our clients’ asset values. We take pride in what we do, treating every building as our own. Every square inch is accounted for and cared for effectively and efficiently.

We recognize that institutional owners, developers, and investors have other places to focus their attention than on coordinating their own business property management, and that’s why they entrust their diverse office and industrial real estate investments to us. Our proven commercial real estate management approach results in attentive service, rapid problem solving, proactive maintenance and updates, and satisfied tenants and clients. Tenants contact us directly with maintenance issues, lease concerns, account questions, etc; our commercial property management team handles these inquiries promptly and professionally. Each month, we manage and execute all financial requirements on behalf of our clients – we collect all rents, deposits, and reimbursements, preparing accurate and timely financial reports for our clients and asset managers.

Our offices in Charlotte, the Triangle and Greenville SC give Trinity Partners tactical advantages in managing properties in the major metro markets of the Carolinas and beyond. We can leverage our locations and knowledge of these areas to your advantage in our property management services – from what falls within local laws and codes to who are the most reliable vendors to take care of the tenants’ needs.